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PURPOSE – The strength to have a definite goal and direction. What is the PURPOSE of this team? We are here to do more than just win. We are here to grow in virtue, to grow in strength that will prepare us for life.


There once was a man who chose to volunteer at a soup kitchen. He arrived and was given a silver ladle. He was given his instructions and shortly thereafter people started coming in for some soup.

But this man spent all of his time thinking about the ladle … that it was silver and not wood, no fancy etchings, it was too thin for his hand, it wasn’t big enough … and subsequently he never served any soup.

Finally another guy came over and asked him, “Dude, this is a soup kitchen. Why did you choose to volunteer if you aren’t going to serve any soup?”

The purpose of sports is to build virtue and to build team.

Building virtuous men and women – that is the serving of the soup – the sport is merely the ladle, our “tool” to teach virtue.

We too can get so caught up with the X’s and O’s of our sport … that we forget about virtue, willpower, character …

Don’t spend all your time on the ladle – serve the soup!

  1. How does the soup ladle compare to the fundamentals of being on a team?
  2. Why do you do it if you don’t give 100% in all aspects of the game?
  3. Do you think there are some aspects of the game that deserve more focus than others?
  4. What is the purpose of this team?


Have you ever thought about your PURPOSE in life?

What is it that are you are greatest at and enjoy doing the most?

Are you seeking God’s purpose for your life?

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