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FAITHFUL – The strength to be steadfast in one’s commitments and promises. Being FAITHFUL is a wonderful virtue. It enables us to be true to what matters most in life even when we may not feel like it. For us to really get the most out of life, we need to be FAITHFUL to this team, to our relationships and to ourselves.


A while back a conversation was held with a coach about family life during the season … He said in the past he unfortunately pretty much forgot about his wife and kids once two-a- days started but last season he tried something. He decided that he would do something special for his wife on Tuesday, his daughter on Wednesday and son on Thursday. They loved it. His wife liked red wine – so “Wine with Wife on Tuesdays”. His daughter – ice cream. Many times he would get home insanely late on Wednesdays … so he would wake her up and they would have “Midnight Ice Cream”. His son was going through a checkers fad …. “Checkers with Chad. It was the best season of his life. His kids would go to bed a little earlier on “their” night knowing that Dad would come and wake them up to spend time with them. He was tired but he wouldn’t trade it for the world now.


Does your family have any traditions that you think are pretty cool?

What does being FAITHFUL to the team mean to you?

How can you show that FAITHFULNESS?


Be FAITHFUL to the team this week. Be at practice, on time, ready to go with a great attitude no matter what!

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